Sunday, August 9, 2009

We are way excited about our new place!!

Today while the boys were still dressed for church we decided to take a few pics in front of our new place.

A couple of weekends ago we ventured out on a hike in Pocahontas State Park with the boys and they absolutely loved it. There were a ton of frogs along the trail and at one point there were 4 frogs in Stephen's hands.
As we were walking we heard this conversation between the boys...
Stephen: Hey Jack I dare you to kiss this frog
Jack: Okay
Stephen: Good job . . . now I dare you to lick it!
Mom and Dad: NO NO NO!!
We brought along their swimsuits so they could play in the waterfall and they really enjoyed it. We all did until we came home and found that we were covered in ticks. We counted over ten ticks on each of the boys including Daddy. I managed to only have two somehow...ugh I hate ticks


Crystal said...

Gross! Ticks!! I love the frog story - I told Hallie and now she is quoting them. Your kids are sooo funny!

April and Cody said...

Wow your house looks perfect. Did you buy it? So are your boys as different in personalities as they look?

Ry, Katie and Jack said...

So excited that you finally got your house. Hmmm.... I guess I need to come see it soon! Vacation time?

Sarah Marie said...

I'm glad you guys are all moved in. I can't believe how old your boys look!!