Wednesday, July 23, 2008

A Photo Opportunity

My side of the family finally got together after 4 years and managed to get a family picture after my sister's baby blessing.
The first picture is the whole family (all eight kids and Mom and Dad). The second picture is just my brothers and sisters and I and finally the last picture is the whole family
and spouses (minus my husband and my sister Janil's husband so we sandwiched in between our brother Orrin in the front.)
I also better state on my sisters behalfs (because I would expect the same) that
two are pregnant and one just had a baby. Looking good either way!!

My mom really wanted a picture with her and my Dad and all of the grandkids. My kids decided to be a little uncoporative and Stephen would be the one holding the book in front of his face.
What do you do???

Open House at the Twin Falls Temple

The Twin Falls temple is having their open house this month and part of next, so while visiting the family we all got tickets to go. It was fun to take the kids to their first look inside of a Temple. They did pretty well on the tour and loved putting on the paper booties.

It was beautiful to see and experience with the kids.

Sunday, July 20, 2008

Fishing with Grandpa

For the Stimpson (my maiden name) Family Reunion we went camping in Cascade, ID. The highlights of the trip were definately fishing with Grandpa and swinging in the hammock. If you know my Dad fishing is his favorite hobby and he does it at least once a week. Growing up we always had fish frys and my Dad has cooked them about every way possible with every kind of fish. (it is sad to him that he has a daughter (me) who does not like the taste or smell of fish). Grandpa was great with the kids though and would take turns letting the kids reel in the fish. They were only little perch so the kids were able to handle it by themselves which they thought was great. Stephen also learned (thanks to his cousin Kadon) how to give bunny ears during a photo which he now thinks is hilarious.

Stephen and Kadon were pretending to be caterpillars in a cocoon.
A neighboring town near our campsite had a very nice beach area and playground for the kids so we all went there to play in the water. During lunch time Jack fell asleep while eating on the picnic bench so I layed him on a towel in the sand.
It was a great time taking the kids camping with so many cousins to play with. I think there were 17 cousins total.

Friday, July 18, 2008

After ONLY three days of driving We are back in D.C...

We have arrived back home after driving through some of the most beautiful and then some of the most desolate states in the U.S. Below are the pictures of the fun times we spent with the family in Idaho. For the whole three weeks, I felt we were going nonstop with my sisters wedding, a camping trip/family reunion, a baby blessing and then of course the highly acclaimed Declo Days... The kids enjoyed all of their cousins and we all got pretty close and personal staying in my mother's house with 15 grandchildren and 12 adults!! Although it was crazy it was very memorable and fun...

Uncle Alex bandaged up Stephen's leg when he got hurt and apparently went overboard with the bandages. Jack thought it was pretty funny and wanted a turn also...

Apparently my younger brother is a very Manly Man who knows how to knit. He made this dunce hat himself and Stephen decided he wanted to model it.

My sisters and I took our kids to a water park. It was really fun to see the boys have such a great time with cousins.

There are many more photos to come . . . so stay tuned!

Thursday, July 10, 2008

Finally a post....

Sorry for the lack of posts. Since the kids and I are still in Idaho we have had little time to update. (and for some reason Matt just isn't into blogging.) Just recently I finally got a professional to take some photos of the boys and thought that they turned out really cute. I could be biased but they sure are handsome. The boys also got together for a photo of all the grandkids on Matt's side of the family. We also did photos of all the grandkids on my side of the family so stay tuned for that and many more posts of our trip to Idaho. In the meantime babe we miss you and the boys can't wait to see there Daddy!!