Friday, June 20, 2008

The Debate is Over and the Winner is....

We Are Moving to New York!!

Preschool Graduation

Congratulations to our little graduates. After doing eight weeks of preschool together Stephen and Jack had a little graduation celebration. A couple of ladies and I got together and we all took turns teaching a preschool class in our homes. It was fun to watch how they both interacted with other kids in a school setting. It was also very nice to have a two hour break every week. We were going to continue doing it in the Fall but as mentioned in the post above we are headed to New York.

Thanks to Anna who made the graduation cap and certificates!!

Sunday, June 15, 2008

The Great Debate...

Congratulations to my husband! He was just accepted to New York University for his Tax LLM. He was also accepted to Georgetown back in April, so . . . now we have a decision to make. We either stay in D.C. to go to Georgetown or move to the big city and go to NYU. I have never been to New York so it would be a very exciting adventure but on the other hand we love where we live and our friends here (especially our ward) and it would be hard to leave. Just last night I said that we should pray about it and fittingly today's lesson in church was on prayer. So we shall see...



Monday, June 2, 2008


For our Memorial Day weekend we were invited to rent a beach house with some friends and just enjoy a few days near Outer Banks, North Carolina. I loved every minute of it. The house was nice and so was the company!! The best part of it all was that our friends taught us how to surf. I love it and I actually got up a few times. Stephen loved the beach which suprised me a little since the last time we went to a beach he would not go near the water. Jack on the other hand was terrified of the waves. For some reason he thought the waves were going to take his beach toys away. He did have fun in the sand though. We found a lot of sea creatures like crabs and jelly fish (Our friend actually got stung by a jelly fish) and Matt claims to have seen dolphins. It was definately a trip that we will make again!!

I still need to post pictures of Jack in the sand I just noticed he is not in any of the photos!!