Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Ben and Jerrys is having their free ice cream cone day today!! Of course the family (mainly the mother) couldn't pass up free ice cream... I personally recommend the cheesecake!!
Guess I'll start that diet tomorrow...

Sunday, April 27, 2008

Our Little Olympian

Stephen has just finished his sport classes through the community and is now starting blastball, which is the 4 year old version of T-ball. He loves it because you run to a base that has a horn in it that will squeak when stepped on. He makes sure the horn goes off every time by jumping very enthusiastically onto the base. These are just the pictures of his soccer and little olympian classes. (I still need to post blastball photos) Below him and his good friend received a green ribbon upon graduation from the class.

It has been so fun watching him play sports and make new friends!! He is not my little baby boy anymore and he reminds me of that daily.

Monday, April 14, 2008

Congrats To My Intelligent Husband!!

I just wanted to post the good news....

As a family we are very proud of him and are lucky to have such a motivated hubby and Dad.

Sunday, April 6, 2008

I've Been Tagged!!

So I just realized that I have been tagged several times so here goes...

10 YEARS AGO...Ten years ago I remember I was turning 16 and the day of my 16th Birthday a guy asked me out on a date (not knowing I was just turning 16). I was so excited and nervous (we were suppose to go skiing but got stuck going up the mountain so we just got out the skiis and made our own ski fun) Oh and of course I was cruising around with Katie in her suzuki swift!

5 Places that I have lived...Pocatello, ID, Boise, ID, Provo, UT, Arlington, VA, and good old Declo, Idaho.

5 Things on To Do List....Finish my bachelors and get a masters, buy a house with a yard, write a novel, run another marathon, and go out of the United States (Bahamas and Tijuana I am not counting).

I enjoy... other people, reading, running, playing with the kids, camping, roasting marshmellows, water sports, tennis, love snowboarding, laughing a lot, establishing my own family and traditions, and living so near D.C.

3 Bad Habits...I like to get silky material and rub it between my fingers...it is soothing but it makes me look a little mental. I talk way way way too much I should listen more, I can't get to bed before midnight no matter how I try.

5 Things you don't know about me.... The longest I have lived in an apartment home since we have been married is a year (I have been married for 51/2 years), I took classes to be an aerobics instructer only to find out I don't have the coordination, I had a poem published in Junior High, I was on the speech and debate team and brought home the first trophy for our school. and I got to go to President's Haight's home in Albion, Idaho and have brownies as he told stories of his life as an apostle...I miss him.

Cherry Blossom Festival

This past week was the Cherry Blossom Festival and so for our ward running group some ladies got together to walk around and enjoy the beautiful blossoms... I loved taking photos of the kids. Jack would just cuddle up to trees and strike poses just waiting for me to take a picture. Stephen jumped in on this one!!
If you look closely enough you will be able to see the Jefferson Memorial in the background.

It was a rainy morning but I thought it made the blossoms even prettier.

This is just one of the few reasons why I enjoy the area!!

Friday, April 4, 2008

White House Easter Party

So the day arrived of the big White House Easter Party and with hard earned tickets in hand we got to go on the front lawn and enjoy the activities. There were a lot of characters walking around to get pics with but this was my favorite just because of Jack's reaction to the strange fish man. Just thought it was kind of crazy that I was actually celebrating Easter with the President in some way.
The Future Mrs. President with her husband and the kids. (We were actually standing in line for the egg role when we realized what a great photo opportunity we had)
Another one of those great photo opportunities! Look at that cool house in the background!!
The Reddington Boys rolling an easter egg with a spoon once again on the front lawn of the white house!! Not many kids get that opportunity!!

Along with the egg roll they had painting, crafts, coloring, egg coloring, egg hunt, obstacle course, and a Mickey Mouse clubhouse visit along with all photo opportunities with the pbs characters!! All in all it was worth the overnight wait and as you probably noticed I am excited that we got to be so close to such an extravagant house!!

Here comes Peter Cottontail....

Our Easter Sunday: For our Easter Sunday celebration we were invited over to some friends house for an Easter dinner and an egg hunt. Our boys definately made out with plenty of Easter Eggs. The Hawes (who hosted the egg hunt) ended up putting bugs and rings in some of the Easter eggs. It was so fun to see their excitement opening the eggs and finding toys!! Stephen at first thought the toy bugs were real and came to me to tell me how a bug got in his egg!! He was a little worried and scared until he realized it was a toy.

While Stephen liked the bugs Jack was really into the toy rings!!

All of the women got together for a quick photo opportunity!! I must say we sure are hot mammas!! It was a fun day and the food was great. At the end of the night while tucking the boys into bed I tried to tell them why we really celebrate Easter...I am hoping they remember.

Hair today gone tomorrow...

So I finally gathered the courage to chop all of my hair off and here are the results....
First reaction when I saw myself in the mirror was man I look like my mother...(hey mom I am just giving you a compliment there) Well it turns out I love it just for the fact that I can get ready in like 10 minutes compared to my usual 45 (when I attempted at all)!! So thanks to my great hairdresser (a wonderful lady in the ward) and for all the short haired girls out there who made cutting my hair seem so appealing...