Sunday, March 29, 2009

One Great Weekend!!

The weekend started off with a great relaxing day with the family. We got to spend the day at the park, then go on a run with the kids, and then dinner and a movie. We all ended up going to see Monsters Vs. Aliens and it was hilarious. All the way home we were laughing as the kids quoted their favorite parts. It is amazing how good their memories are as I listened to them quote scenes line for line. We usually have family movie nights on Fridays but pick a rental instead so this was a treat for all of us. Our favorite monster is Bob (the blue one with no brain)

Saturday I got up early and headed to the church to set up for our primary activity. (I got put in as the primary president back in December) We were having an early Easter party where the kids made their own baskets, did the easter story, and had an Egg hunt. Also to promote reverence in church they have been getting reverent dollars that they save up to spend at our quarterly activities in the reverence store filled with toys. (I had fun picking out all the toys to sell in the store!!)It was so fun to see them getting all excited to spend their money and go on the egg hunt. I made cupcakes for the kids to buy also and some table decorations. I got the cupcake idea from and the flower centerpieces from I really enjoy the kids (even though it is exhausting and challenging at times). It amazes me how quickly you grow to love each one individually...Okay I will stop with the mushy stuff...Here is how it turned out (I didn't post pics of a lot of the kids up close on the blog due to privacy reasons.) After the party Stephen had is first baseball practice and his Dad got asked to be the Assistant Coach. If my camera had not died you could see just how incredibly handsome my husband is while coaching. (By the way I got a new camera...I will not smash this one's screen by slamming the trunk lid on it!) After practice the Missionaries came for dinner and then to top the night off Matt watched Twilight with me. (he thought it was okay but laughed histerically when Edward put Bella on his back and started to run "super speed" I must admit it does look really funny!)Overall it really was One Great Weekend....

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

I can ride my bike with no training training wheels...

Matt enjoyed a week with no school as spring break came. Although we didn't go on any fun crazy trip the weather worked out wonderfully. Matt and I were able to take the boys to a local park (which is huge that includes 2 playgrounds, multiple running trails, a lake for swimming, and golfing and campsites) where we spent hours playing with the kids and then going for a run together with the stroller. One particular run we decided to go offroading (big mistake) the trail said it was a mulitpurpose trail, but it was not meant for a double jogger. On the other hand it was an extremely intense workout as we pushed the stroller over tree roots, up hills that felt like mountains and squeezing in between trees while admiring the deer (we saw four of them pretty up close). The kids laughed the whole way because it was so bumpy, they also made the comment that they liked it when Daddy pushes better because they crash less. (I didn't think I crashed once!)
Anyway the biggest highlight of the week is that Stephen learned how to ride a bike without training wheels. He got it on his first try!! Such a pro!! (the one in the blue helmet is stephen the red helmet is Jack)

Next week Stephen starts baseball and they get pretty serious in his league. We were informed that he has to wear an athletic supporter. :)

Sunday, March 15, 2009

The SNOW and more visiting with friends!

Here is what we did in our bizarre March snowstorm...(very excited that by the weekend it was gone and we were out at the park without our coats on! That is the way snow should come and go always!)

As mentioned in the previous post we got the opportunity to go to D.C. and see some old friends. Here are just a few more of those pictures. I got to see my good friends Valerie and Alyssa and their kids (which have grown into little toddlers since I have seen them last). It was good visiting and seeing them again. They were so fun to hang out with in D.C. going to baseball games, having barbeques (and Rob's Ribs), and my most favorite of all the late late night game nights.. even if Cory would always win. Below is Valeries little girl Sophie who is absolutely adorable!! I loved all the kisses!!

(Again thanks Val for the awesome pictures!!)

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Over a Week of being Sober....

I just wanted to post my little accomplishment! It has been 1 week and 3 days since I have last had a Diet Pepsi. So proud.
How the addiction started:
I never liked Pepsi until I was married and my husband was always drinking it. I started by taking little sips of his and then it got to the point where I needed one everday.
The Turning Point:
While watching the Biggest loser one night with my husband they talked about the effects of diet soda and how it can add weight to your middle. So I am hoping my middle improves!
The Struggle Continues:
It still is hard for me when seeing my husband pull a diet Pepsi out of the fridge and then hearing that crisp click as he opens it and then feeling my mouth all water up....Just walk away....and keep walking...

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

So much to Post....

Well to do a quick summary of the past month...
here are the highlights...
I Turned 27 (wow)!! Some friends from the ward had a birthday party for me and another fantastic Lady. And then a few days later We (me and this fantastic other lady) got taken to dinner and a movie with some girlfriends.
I got to see "He's Just Not That Into You" and "Shopaholic" and absolutely loved them both!! I was completely spoiled for my birthday. I think it lasted for about a week. The kids were so excited to help prepare for my birthday and they helped pick out the cake. I was not complaining when it turned out to be Cold Stone's cookie dough ice cream cake!!

I also got to go with a couple of fun girls from the ward to the New York City Temple. It is beautiful although very small.

And finally this past weekend Matt had some interviews in D.C. and so we got to go stay with our friends the Hopkins for the weekend. One of my friends happened to be hosting a party at her home in D.C. that weekend so we got to go and catch up with everyone at once. It was so fun seeing everyone again. It felt like we never left!!

To end this enormous post on a funny note this is what Jack said today....

"Handsome Please"
I didn't get it at first either but it turns out he doesn't like saying Pretty Please because Pretty is for girls (or so he says)!! He is a funny kid.