Monday, April 20, 2009

Opening Day and the Beach!

The weekend had beautiful weather and we enjoyed every last bit of it.
Friday we spent at the playground, baseball practice, and the park and then Saturday was Stephen's Opening day Parade for his baseball league! It was fun watching him in his little uniform marching and waving his flag. Matt is the Coach so Jack and I both got out our cameras and played the audience. After the parade we grabbed a quick lunch and then got ready for his game. According to Stephen his team won although no score was kept. As an opening day game reward all the teams recieved a free hotdog and drink after their first game. This part Stephen was the most excited about. I asked what he loved most about the day and he said the huge hotdog he got to eat!

To end a beautiful Saturday we went to a town called Rumson and according to my friend a few famous people live in the area (Bruce Springstein, Connie Chung, and Queen Latifa). There is a really fun pirate park a friend showed me earlier in the week that has a beach area next to it and some great restaurants nearby. So we played at the park, the beach, and then ate at a restaurant next to the water. On the way home it was fun to drive through these mansions and just dream about one day making loads of money.

Monday, April 13, 2009

We caught the Easter Bunny...Turns out there is 2

The Easter Bunnies!!
End result of Egg Hunt

You are not going to believe this one...Seriously!!

So this Sunday was the ward choirs Easter Presentation and they had a few musical numbers. Well some of my friends were doing one and I decided to join in. If you have ever sat next to me in church or for some other reason have had the opportunity to hear my lovely voice you will know that I can't sing. Well I have always wanted to do it anyway and I finally told myself I was going to sing in public! AND I DID! I think i was even in tune. I practiced the song so much that now Jack can even sing it. We sang I stand all Amazed but it was acapela (no piano) and it might have sounded good! A few said it did. I don't really know I was so nervous my legs were having muscle spasms. So to all of my sisters who laughed at me when we played Miss. America (when we were younger of course) and I sang for the talent portion of the contest and never won...all I have to say is Ha!!(in a loving way though. Well other than the singing here is what else we did this Easter weekend. The kids were pretty spoiled getting to have two egg hunts. Friday we got together with a few friends for a playdate and had an egg hunt. Once again I forgot my camera. Then Saturday came and I realized oh crap tomorrows Easter so after a few trips to the store we had the essentials to dye our Easter Eggs. (I always forget you need vinegar) Then Sunday we celebrated with a yummy dinner, church and egg hunt. We were suppose to go to a friends house for dinner but Jack had a temperture so we had a nice family Easter Day....

Sunday, April 5, 2009

Conference Weekend-

With conference this weekend we just relaxed as a family, enjoyed the weather and tried to keep the kids entertained so that we could listen to most of the speakers. Their project was drawing each of the speakers. Here are the favorites.

The second drawing is Jacks and the others are Stephens. Stephen informed me that President Monson has a circle around his mouth. It took me a little while to figure out that he was talking about his wrinkles.