Friday, June 12, 2009

More of our last week and last blog post for a while....

It is Friday night and though I should be doing some last minute clean ups before the big move tomorrow I decided to procrastinate instead. I figure it will at least be a month before I get another blog post in so better make this a good one.
This week has been full of goodbyes and lots of packing. I took Stephen to his school for a last goodbye to his teacher and friends. I feel bad taking him out early and that he is going to miss his own preschool gradution which he has been learning songs for. (It is really cute he can sing "you raise me up" and "I believe I can fly") But he tells me he is very excited to move.

Jack wanted to sneak into a few of the pictures also!
After getting through the goodbyes at Stephens school I hosted one last goodbye playdate with some ladies in the ward. I reserved the movie theater at our complex (which is pretty cool and free of charge). The kids watched Walle and we got to chat until it was time to say goodbye. I REALLY HATE GOODBYES!!

The saddness does not end there...
Jack and I were at a baseball game of Stephen's and while I was watching Stephen playing Jack climbed to the top of the bleachers and fell off onto the pavement. I heard the thud and my heart leapt out of my chest. Luckily he only landed on his side and his head did not hit, but he did get a nasty bruise and scared me to death. Everyone around though was so helpful and got me ice packs and everything. Stephen's coach after the game even volunteered to take Stephen for a while in case I needed to take Jack to the doctor. I thought that was an awesome gesture. He knew Matt was out of town and just wanted to help. So I didn't earn the award for Mommy of the Week this week.
After it all happened I called up my sister to tell her about it and to seek some comforting advice. Instead she told me this horror story about a friend whose kid fell off the stage in a church and she didn't take him to the emergency room and the kid ended up dying in his sleep. Then she went on further telling me that the mom was sent to Jail for it!
I was not comforted by this at all!! Thanks anyway Janil!!:)
Well I think that I have procrastinated long enough and better get busy or it is going to be a very late night.

Last Week in New Jersey...

I really did not think that I would be sad leaving New Jersey and am very surprised to be getting a little emotional about it. Matt started work in Richmond on Monday and so that left me with two kids, no car, and all the packing to get done for Saturday. Suprisingly enough though it wasn't too bad. Tuesday the kids and I had one last playdate with a very good friend that we met at the park when first moving here. Our kids really played well together so we decided to meet up often and it has been fun getting to know her and her kids. During the playdate they came out of the bedroom all dressed up funny so we got out our cameras. The boys love acting out super heros and their friend Ean loves being the villians so they get along really well! We will really miss them and it will be hard to find another friend that loves being the villian as much as he does.

Sunday, June 7, 2009

The Best of Friends

How much damage can 5 girls and a baby do in one big city? Let's just say we left our mark!

I had a great week this past week. An old friend from High School came out with her mom and some neices and all 5 of us girls (plus little baby Ella) got to go shopping in the big city with me as their tour guide. I turned out to probably be the worst tour guide ever but it was great exercise! If I said something was in one direction, sure enough after walking a couple of blocks I discovered it was in the opposite direction. I did do the subways right though. (Well lets not count the subway attendant that came after us accusing us of not paying the fee to ride the subway)

We went into China town empty handed with purses full of cash and came out with all of this and no cash left.

It was so much fun catching up with my friend again. There are few people that I can totally relax with that know me probably better than I would like them to and still no matter how much time has past when we do get together nothing has changed. (well maybe a few extra additions like kids, etc..) I love you Katie! It was fun beating you at Settlers, buying knock off China town purses (who knew there would be so much cops around and that it really is illegal?), seeing the statue of liberty and listening to your mother snore on my couch!! (kidding about the snoring she wasn't that loud) Do come again!