Thursday, April 15, 2010

Did I ever tell you...

HOW EXTREMELY AMAZING I AM!! (spread the word)

Why? You might ask.

Well besides the fact that I have been getting up to go running at 6:30 in the morning, I apparently am EXTREMELY AMAZING at retrieving my car keys that somehow (wink) got locked inside the car. (which I discovered after the run)
With the strength of me and this other EXTREMELY AMAZING friend we lodged a metal bar in between the door and the car and then got two metal hangers and stretched them out, making metal loops at the end. With one hanger we used it to pop the door handle out a little and the other one looped the handle and pulled the door open.
It was really pretty clever.

There were m&ms in the car so the kids were excited too when we got the car opened.

The tools we used to conquer the task. (Thanks Shannon for the pics)

The part I enjoy remembering is when one of my friends neighbors showed up to help and he looked at us and what we were doing and said he was very impressed.
He said he thought he was going to be a hero and come and help some damsels in distress when really we educated him. Well it was fun to see his reaction when we got it open.

I was so excited to get it open and so I called my husband to brag.
His comment, "I'd be impressed if you hadn't locked the keys in the car in the first place."

I choose not to reflect on that part of the story.

Monday, April 12, 2010


I just picked up Jack from preschool today and there was an incident. Since I am such a good person (wink wink) I thought I would educate every other parent with young boys, so this does not happen to them.

So read carefully...

The advice: When training boys how to use a potty and occasionally letting them go places where no potty exists (trust me this will happen) parents be sure your child knows when it is appropriate to use a tree (for instance, camping) and when it is mandatory to use the potty (like while at school).

His teacher informed me that I need to stress the use of using the potty at school and not the tree at recess.

In other news this weekend our church ball team finished our last game for the season. We came in third. It was incredibly fun. I learned through trial and error most of the rules of the game. For instance, when shooting foul shots you have to let the referee touch the ball between shots or the point will not count. No matter how excited you get when the ball goes in you will have to re-shoot. There are so many other things I learned, but that was the most recent.

We look like a pretty intimidating team right?

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Awesome Weekend

I had the perfect Saturday this weekend. About 2 weeks ago a friend and I decided to run a half marathon in two weeks and decided that we should do a 12 mile run to see if we were in good enough shape to do so. I was really worried because I have only been running 4-6 miles a couple times a week but I survived and really enjoyed it! After the run I had to hurry home and had about 10 minutes to get ready for a big Easter egg hunt at another good friends house. (This girl and her husband are awesome they do this annual Easter Egg hunt every year for friends and family) Even though none of the Reddingtons found the big golden egg (that contained a gift card for $20) We enjoyed the hunt, friends and yummy cookies and punch.

The other good part about Saturday was that I didn't have to worry about preparing a sharing time or controlling 70 children in one confined space. (Although for some odd reason I really do enjoy my calling) I got to sit and listen to conference with my family.
Last week at the end of church I handed out conference bingo cards with m&ms for the kids and I was shocked that when the Saturday session of conference came on Stephen came running into the room telling us to pause conference and rewind it to the beginning. He didn't want to miss any of it while he was getting his bingo card. I highly recommend bingo cards for conference my kids sat through the whole first session. Although I did hear comments on how long it was (little did they know there were still 3 more sessions.)
Overall it was enjoyable.
After all of conference was over we all went to eat at Johnny Rockets that recently opened by us. When we got there they were having a old car show and so we got to walk around and look at all these old fashioned cars.
We also bought the kids milkshakes and Stephen thought they were the best thing ever. (I have made him milkshakes before apparently I am not that good at it)
It was definitely a good Saturday.
Sunday the boys woke up excited to find eggs hidden all over the house (although they had been to 3 other egg hunts prior to ours) and were very excited to find that some of them contained money! They also were excited about the games the Easter Bunny brought (connect 4x4 and battleship) We all ended up watching more conference, playing games, dying easter eggs and enjoying a delicious ham that we shared with our neighbor.
Just an all around good weekend.
Now back to the grind...only 4 weeks left of school...Wahoo!!