Tuesday, May 26, 2009

We have had a busy and fun week in the Reddington household. Since Daddy didn't have to work this week the kids got a lot of play time in with him and have really enjoyed his company. Over the memorial weekend we were outside constantly between the beach, the park, and the swimming pool. (Matt forgot the sunscreen and is still suffering the consequences.) There are grills and tables right next to the pool area so Matt made us the best hamburgers ever (I must say they were even better than 5 guys). They were so good we had to do it again the next day and plan to continue grilling often.

I found this hilarious! Stephen dressed himself and ended up putting his waiste through one of the leg holes.

I have been baking a little this week and found some interesting things to make.

I had to make this for a baptism and it turned out delicious. All it is is a regular yellow cake with a layer of homemade butter frosting in the middle topped with a cube of butter and melted chocolate chips. The chocolate coats the cake and keeps it extra moist and also tastes like a delicious fudge on top. Very easy.

This is called Pavlova which I found on a friends blog (thanks megan roe) and it is also on the joy of baking website. It is very low fat and delicious. You are suppose to top it with whip cream and fruit and the white fluffy stuff tastes gooey and sticky and delicious.

This last one is suppose to be a cake pop (for those of you who like the bakerella blog which i do then you have seen these before). I did acheivement days this last week and we made them for our activity. Although they look lumpy and not perfect the girls had fun making them and we all had fun eating them! I brought some home for the kids and so Stephen is modeling our creations. I hope everyone had a great Memorial weekend. Thanks for staying tune for such a long post!!

Friday, May 15, 2009

The News I have been wanting to share for a couple of weeks now...

Matt has just recieved his official job offer and starts work in one week from Tuesday! We are moving to Richmond, Virginia!! So all of my D.C. friends I hope to see you soon! We absolutely loved our time in Virginia and are excited to go back! I have had to postpone blogging about this until after his background check and tax check cleared. He will be working for the IRS doing, of course, Tax Law.

Good news #2
Matt is completely done with school!! We had a little surprise for him as he walked in the door with a little silly string, treats, and presents. The boys really got into it since it was a surprise. And since having him in school is hard on all of us, we all got a present too.

We are so proud of him!!

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Happy Mother's Day!!

In honor of Mother's Day I wanted to list just a few reasons why I am grateful to be a parent....

And just to validate my point..... How cute are they?

They love to pose as Super Heros!
(Don't mind the dirty shirts. It is hard to get a picture of my boys, so if I can get a decent one with no goofy faces then their clothing can be covered in mud and I'd still be happy!)

Matt only has one more final left and then SCHOOL'S OUT FOREVER!!!!!!!!!!!

Monday, May 4, 2009

I have a new Addiction!!

I can't believe this but I am addicted to clipping coupons!! I can't believe how much money I can save!! My sister told me about some great deals she got by using coupons so I tried it and now am addicted.
Todays purchase at Walgreens:
2 big bottles of dishsoap
1 Bayer quick release pain reliever box
1 colgate sensitive toothpaste

total: $1.00

And soon I will be on my way to the grocery store to get me some free cereal!

Some websites my sisters told me about that I visit frequently...
(Beware it gets addicting)

Sunday, May 3, 2009

Trips into the City are always fun...

This past Saturday after Stephen's baseball game I left the kids with my husband and ventured into the City with a few girlfriends. My sister has been wanting me to get her a few things from China town and of course I couldn't go alone! So the four of us had a fun filled trip to NYC. It was fun bargaining prices and nothing beats a Tiffany bracelet for $8.00 and some Gucci sunglasses for $10.00!! The three other lovely ladies I went with all got brand new purses and I also found my dream purse but realized I was a little too low on cash! I tried to convince the man to give it to me for $10.00 but the lowest he would go is $25.00! I guess it was "supposedly" Prada. It had the Prada name on it at least! After China town we ate at a Mexican Restaurant and then took a trip to times square looking for the Hershey store. I have to admit there is no better way to end a fun trip with meltaway kisses and hershey bliss!

The photos above are us modeling our purchases. Amber and I got the Gucci sunglasses and Emily and I got the matching Tiffany bracelets. Also you may notice the blue purse Emily has that was just one of my dream purses I saw. Emily has good taste!! Overall it was fun to get a break from the kids and enjoy good friendships. These girls have been amazing. On the first Sunday of moving here I met them and was invited instantly to a girls night at the melting pot and from there on there has been many great girls nights. They have made my stay here in New Jersey a lot more enjoyable and so much more welcoming! I love you ladies!!