Sunday, January 31, 2010

Dreaded the Snow, But turns out it can be a good thing!

I was a little sad when I first heard about this big snow storm we were suppose to have. I am ready for spring and warm weather (I know, I know it is still January). But it turned out to be well needed.

After enduring a tough week of school and not getting in much family time, a nice storm was perfect to force us to be together. I have night classes Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday night and I had a Primary meeting and a basketball game Thursday and Friday night. (By the way who knew Church Ball could be so fun!)

So the kids were begging for some family time! Plus I was able to deep clean (much needed) a little and catch up on laundry.

The kids were really excited about the snow so we pulled out our big sled and ran them up and down the street taking shifts pulling the rope. We probably looked crazy, but the kids told me "this is the best day ever." So I think they enjoyed it.

Also, my little brag moment:
I googled myself to see how many times I have been published for the articles I've written for my new class. It was exiting to see that all the articles I have written have been published by different newspapers around the area, some of the articles multiple times. So all this crazy busy time does show some accomplishment.

Monday, January 25, 2010

Chipmunk Cheeks

My poor Stephen. Unfortunately I cannot say he is purposefully puffing out his left cheek. Over a year ago he had a cavity filled and somehow that same cavity got infected and he swelled up last week. The pictures do not do it justice. The swelling had actually gone down quite a bit. These pictures are just before our trip to the Dentist to get it pulled. He was such a trooper! He did really well with the dentist but I could tell it was really painfull. As the Dentist finished pulling the tooth I saw tears streaming down his cheeks. He didn't full on kick and scream from the pain until I carried him out to the car. It was really sad but he put on a brave face for the doctor. I was also informed by the dentist that he will most likely need braces in the future because his mouth is too small. Yippee. Overall, not a fun visit to the dentist.

Just one question... is it wrong I am posting such non flattering pictures of my son for millions to see?:) Just too cute! I think he had a little fun when posing for me.

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Amelia Goes to the Capitol

So this week started my first week of school for the semester. Well officially school does not start until next week, except for this one class. The class entails being a reporter covering the General Assembly. Not intimidating at all right?

So as of yesterday I received my official press badge permitting me to enter the capitol without being serched and the General Assembly building.
To be honest, I felt a little important and a lot out of place as I went and introduced myself to Senators and Delegates.
Should make for an interesting and challenging semester.

Side note: I didn't realize how my wardrobe is completely unprofessional and totally mommy-ized. I need to work on that one.

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Picture overload

I am sad to say that for some reason the camera I used for Thanksgiving is not being recognized by my computer so we are skipping that Holiday update and moving on to Christmas. We really did enjoy having my sister's family over Thanksgiving though, and it was fun to have someone to do the black friday shopping with me. She also taught me how to make little girl hair bows, a skill I would like to be able to use one day :). But for now it is put on hold.

We had a great Christmas and it was a little sad when it was all over. Christmas eve we did the nativity play and then sang carols and opened up pjs. The kids then got to pick one present each. They picked the present they got for each other and both of them gave each other the Pixos imagination design station. After presents we put out the cookies for Santa and then the kids sprinkled reindeer food on the lawn with some glitter so that our house would be easily spotted.

A couple of days before Christmas we got to watch some friends kids while they performed in the Miracle of Christmas play at the zoo. (They were Mary and Joseph) We attempted Gingerbread houses, but ours are called Sugar Cookie Houses because I much prefer making sugar cookie dough than gingerbread.

It worked and the kids seemed to enjoy it. Consuming massive amounts of candy is always fun right?

Overall getting together with friends, learning new games (love monopoly deal, thanks Diane) making my first live wreath, doing goody plates for friends and neighbors, putting together the christmas nativity with the primary for the ward party, playing games with friends, enjoying a crazy snowstorm which canceled church, and visiting DC friends for a Christmas feast left us busy during the holidays. We missed family but enjoyed sharing this time with good friends.

I would just like to conclude one last new years resolution or basically new years statement because it is going to happen:

Dave Hopkins I hoped you enjoyed that last Settlers victory because no more! I will defeat you!

Saturday, January 2, 2010

My Very Own Walmart Surprise!

To my delight,this afternoon in walmart I saw all Christmas decor up to 75% off. So I bought me a nice big Christmas tree for only $20.00.

But the excitement doesn't end there.

I bring it home and open the box and find one more surprise.


Lucky me. That's what you call a 2 for 1.