Thursday, February 24, 2011


So this winter the kids both picked a sport they wanted to try and it ended up being basketball. We signed them up at the "Y" and they have loved it. However, as a parent I have not. The coach is a little "too involved." I don't know if I should explain him because I could go on this long rant of how unbelievable his actions are. To sum up, he is a yeller. Yelling at the referees and kids on the team, it is quite embarrasing having my kids play for him. For instance, one game he got so frusterated he turned and punched the wall. A little too dramatic for a basketball game with kindergartners and 1st graders. He also doesn't like to play Jack very much, because Jack gets a little distracted when playing and occaisonally will dance on the court. Since he isn't as good as some of the other kids he keeps them in and Jack is just a sub. I feel everyone should get equal playing time at this age, but hey I am not the coach. Anyway, I am done complaining.
(Stephen is number 1 and Jack (in the next video is #10)
Here is one of both Stephen and Jack. We have learned constant encouragement helps keep Jack interested in the game. You can also see their coach in the blue shirt, and occasionally hear him yell. This was one of his more milder moments.
Only two games left and I cannot wait until it is over. I would have stopped taking them a while ago because of the coach, but they love playing and they want a trophy

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Our soon to be new home

So back in November Matt and I decided it was time to consider buying a home. We were both pretty busy so it kept getting put off until the day we met Kelly, our realtor. One weekend we were driving through Birkdale picking up papers from houses that were for sell and she saw us, stopped us and asked to be our realtor. We had been dragging our feet forever, but she sped up the process for us and now instead of buying a pre-owned home we are getting a brand new one!
Not only do I love the house, but the guy who sold it to us was new to the company and accidently included a few things (that would normally cost extra) into the price of our home, no charge. His boss wasn't happy, but we are. One of the extras is a kitchen island. Yeah.

The picture with the ladder in it is our walk in closet. It could possibly be a whole other room. I love it. Matt says he really loves it too, because now all my clothes won't be all over the bedroom floor anymore. To this I say...hmmm possibly.

Monday, February 21, 2011

Still Alive

It has been so long since I have posted anything. Life has really gotten busy for us and I am just trying to stay afloat. To do a very brief update:
Matt is still an attorney and is extremely busy preparing for trial next week.
Amelia is still a student, but working now at a nearby high school and actually getting paid. One maybe two semesters left for a dual degree in journalism and English.
Stephen turns eight this year. Still really likes girls, lost both front teeth and has also discovered he loves basketball.
Jack is thriving in kindergarten and making lots of friends. We were worried because he is so young, but he is reading extremely well and really enjoys it.
Oreo our little shi'zu lives up to his name most days. I prefer not to refere to him as a swear word but it may have slipped once or twice while chasing this escaped dog down the road, and trying to stop him from blocking traffic.

I know this is very brief, but I hope to do more soon. Sooner then the last post at least.