Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Our soon to be new home

So back in November Matt and I decided it was time to consider buying a home. We were both pretty busy so it kept getting put off until the day we met Kelly, our realtor. One weekend we were driving through Birkdale picking up papers from houses that were for sell and she saw us, stopped us and asked to be our realtor. We had been dragging our feet forever, but she sped up the process for us and now instead of buying a pre-owned home we are getting a brand new one!
Not only do I love the house, but the guy who sold it to us was new to the company and accidently included a few things (that would normally cost extra) into the price of our home, no charge. His boss wasn't happy, but we are. One of the extras is a kitchen island. Yeah.

The picture with the ladder in it is our walk in closet. It could possibly be a whole other room. I love it. Matt says he really loves it too, because now all my clothes won't be all over the bedroom floor anymore. To this I say...hmmm possibly.


Crystal said...

I LOVE it!! We saw the pictures on facebook yesterday and we are so excited for you! It looks so cute.

kelleen said...

love it--its going to be fabulous!

Erin said...

So exciting! It looks like it's going to be amazing. I can't wait to see the end product.