Thursday, February 24, 2011


So this winter the kids both picked a sport they wanted to try and it ended up being basketball. We signed them up at the "Y" and they have loved it. However, as a parent I have not. The coach is a little "too involved." I don't know if I should explain him because I could go on this long rant of how unbelievable his actions are. To sum up, he is a yeller. Yelling at the referees and kids on the team, it is quite embarrasing having my kids play for him. For instance, one game he got so frusterated he turned and punched the wall. A little too dramatic for a basketball game with kindergartners and 1st graders. He also doesn't like to play Jack very much, because Jack gets a little distracted when playing and occaisonally will dance on the court. Since he isn't as good as some of the other kids he keeps them in and Jack is just a sub. I feel everyone should get equal playing time at this age, but hey I am not the coach. Anyway, I am done complaining.
(Stephen is number 1 and Jack (in the next video is #10)
Here is one of both Stephen and Jack. We have learned constant encouragement helps keep Jack interested in the game. You can also see their coach in the blue shirt, and occasionally hear him yell. This was one of his more milder moments.
Only two games left and I cannot wait until it is over. I would have stopped taking them a while ago because of the coach, but they love playing and they want a trophy


Erin said...

Yuck, yuck, yuck! I CAN'T BELIEVE the coach acts like that! They REALLY should have "fired" him after the first game. The videos are so cute though.

kelleen said...

I couldn't believe that when you told me--how do people with that temperment decide to work with kids? So glad they are done, and can do what they love in a nicer atmosphere!

Jones Family said...

Your kids are so cute playing ball! Especially Jack! And yes it is all about the fun at this age. Complain to the organization! It doesn't teach the kids very good things!!