Tuesday, March 25, 2008


A group of about 15 dedicated mothers risked their lives and sanity so that their children would get the wonderful opportunity of celebrating easter on the white house lawn. It was a night full of adventure and little sleep. Just looking at these photos and remembering the fun and the fatigue and all the worry (caused from the mysterious lady who joined our camp and slept in our tent with supposedly a skull crushing hammer and a mink coat makes) me think I am the best mom ever doing crazy stuff like this for my kids. Next year we will be camping right next to this sign when we are first in line for our tickets. The lady who was first this year only had to arrive at 3:00 am on Friday morning to recieve her tickets on Saturday morning.
At 4:30 a.m. we finally recieved confirmation that we would get tickets and we were not camping out in vain...

When all was said and done it was an adventurous night and we finally did get a picture of all of us by Bobby Banana. Well of course I am looking as glamerous as ever with the natural wind blown blood shot eyed look in front of the white house.


Bobby Banana
Val for some strange reason falling over in her camp chair
watching some people get busted for trying to cut in line
Walking the Ellipse, walking the ellipse, and finally walking the Ellipse
Julie Brady and her "I am so over this..."
Surviving the night with my skull intact
Being called high maintanence by a lady in a mink coat!!
But best of all I loved getting to know the ladies in the ward better and getting the tj's!!

Sunday, March 9, 2008

While I anticipate the arrival of our new camera I will just have to make do with words. This week has been crazy and very busy, but since it was Matt's spring break the kids got to have dinner with their dad every night this week. A first for the Reddingtons since the start of school this semester. On Friday night My friend Sarah and I threw a baby shower for Jewel Marlow (a really good friend of ours) and it was such a fun experience. She was totally suprised and in tears. After the desserts and presents a few of us girls stayed and shared all of our crazy stories. By the end of the night I went home feeling a little exposed but had a really great time.

Saturday night my husband and I got to have a date night and planned on bowling with our friends the Hopkins. Well we went into the district to the verizon center to bowl at Lucky strike. Apparently it is a very popular bowling alley and the wait was three hours...So instead we decided to eat at this Spanish restuarant that served Tapas (very small plates of food). We each ordered a couple of the dishes and had a buffet type of dinner. It was a fun experience and since the menu was in Spanish it was fun ordering it too.

Overall it was a very fun weekend!! (wish I had the pics)

Monday, March 3, 2008

Our Two Crazy Boys

I found these two photos that I have taken with my phone camera so the quality is not that great. We are in the process of getting a new camera (since Jack threw our other one hard onto the sidewalk) and hopefully it will arive in the next few weeks. That is my excuse for not updating my blog. I will try to do better. In the meantime I got a good laugh from these photos....