Friday, May 30, 2008

My Bragging Moment

So I am planning on making my sisters wedding cake with fondant (which I have never previously used before) and decided that I might want to practice. So with some very good advice from friends and a recipe found online I made my own fondant, colored it, and decorated my very first layered fondant cake!! And the results were...

Thursday, May 29, 2008


This year Stephen is old enough to start a form of T-Ball, which is called blastball, and he loves it. There is only one base that they run to and in the base there is a horn so Stephen makes sure he jumps on that base as hard as he can. If you make it to the base before the other team gets the ball and yells blast then your team gets a point. (Even though they don't keep score)

Stephens team is the Dodgers and he tells me that he wants to be the pitcher because it is his favorite position. He also constantly reminds me that when batting you keep your elbow up and eye on the ball. He is ready for the Majors!!

Friday, May 23, 2008

Field Trip!

While Matt's parents were in town we decided to take a day trip to Williamsburg. It was fun to walk the town and see all of the old buildings and churches. The boys liked the horses, frogs, and rabbits we found along the way more than any thing else. (imagine that) It was all really pretty and fun. We also got to watch a re-enactment where soilders marched and fired the old bayonets and cannons. Below is the Govenor's House and then the Courthouse.

For the trip we rented a van because we could not all fit in our Camry. I have never before had the desire to own a van until I rode in our rental. There is so much space!! I could actually see the appeal in getting a van. I probably also had a more favorable opinion about getting a van after trying to fit the in-laws and us in our Camry which meant me riding on the floor behind the passenger seat while being accidently kicked in the face by one of the kids. But overall it was really fun having family in town and they are welcomed back anytime...

Below is just a picture of a van (similiar to the one we rented) that to me is a symbol of maturity.

I must be growing up!

Thursday, May 22, 2008

Congratulations Graduate!! This past Sunday Matt graduated from law school and although we were very excited to see him do so we also are very glad it is over. There were two ceremonies one in the morning for the whole school from 9:00-12:00 and another one for just the law school from 2:00-5:00. I was a little worried about dragging the kids through it all, (I knew it would be hard on me let alone the kids) but they were did really well. (It helped having some pez dispensers with unlimited refills)
Above is a picture of Matt with both of his great wonderful parents who I appreciate greatly for raising such an ambitious and loving man (in-laws I hope you're reading this). Below is a picture of the Carousal on the Mall that happened to be free for graduates that day!!

All of us at the end of a very tiring day ready for some good food and a nice pair of sweats to wear and flat shoes!!

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

I thought that this was hilarious so I had to take a moment and snap a picture. One night I brought some bed time stories in the room to read to the boys and just as I was about to begin Stephen insisted that I waited. Well it turned out that he had to face all of his animals towards me so that they could listen to the story also and see the pictures. Every morning I end up cleaning off so many animals that he sneaks up there in the night, but these are his favorites.

It's Potty Time!!

Well it is time to say goodbye to the diapers once and for all. I know it is going to be a struggle but I keep trying to picture the end goal. So far it has been hit and miss with the potty (mostly miss) The first two days it was going really well and then he got over it and no longer seems to care. As a bribe to use the potty I had bought some Geo Trax's (because we need more trains:)) and every time he would go I would give him a part of the Geo Trax's set. It worked beautifully until he got enough peices to play with and then did not care anymore. I have tried the potty videos, the sticker chart, candy, and most bribes that I can think if any of you mothers have any suggestions I am open to them. I took this picture because Jack loves his Geo Traxs so much that he has to sleep with them. This may turn into a very exspensive task if I have to buy more...