Thursday, December 17, 2009

quick notes

I know it has been forever since I posted. I treat this blog somewhat like a journal and so you know how its easy to put off journal writing. Anyway, I just wanted to post a few funny things the kids have been saying so that I will always remember how hilarious they are.

Well for starters, yesterday I overheard Stephen talking to Jack and he told him that he should come to his school one day so that he could see Hannah (who is a girl in Stephen's class) he then went further to say,"She is really pretty. She is the prettiest girl in my class. You would like her." (How nice of him to share!:))

What ever happened to girls have cooties?

Well later in the day Stephen proclaimed to Matt that he already knows who he is going to marry and her name is Hannah. My husband told him the sweetest thing...he told Stephen that it took him 22 years to find the PERFECT woman, so it is OK if he wants to keep looking.(he's referring to me as the perfect woman. there has been no others before me)

Well Stephen says he doesn't need any more time.

Earlier he came home saying that he had a problem because four girls wanted to marry him and he didn't know who to marry first. Apparently he knows now.

The other funny thing he told me that I wanted to share was his little analogy on remembering things.

"It's like I have all these papers in my head and when I look at them and don't want to remember them or think about them, then I wad up the paper and throw it out."

We are raising a true philosopher here.
Well I really need to post pics of our wonderful Thanksgiving before Christmas gets here so stay tuned.