Thursday, December 17, 2009

quick notes

I know it has been forever since I posted. I treat this blog somewhat like a journal and so you know how its easy to put off journal writing. Anyway, I just wanted to post a few funny things the kids have been saying so that I will always remember how hilarious they are.

Well for starters, yesterday I overheard Stephen talking to Jack and he told him that he should come to his school one day so that he could see Hannah (who is a girl in Stephen's class) he then went further to say,"She is really pretty. She is the prettiest girl in my class. You would like her." (How nice of him to share!:))

What ever happened to girls have cooties?

Well later in the day Stephen proclaimed to Matt that he already knows who he is going to marry and her name is Hannah. My husband told him the sweetest thing...he told Stephen that it took him 22 years to find the PERFECT woman, so it is OK if he wants to keep looking.(he's referring to me as the perfect woman. there has been no others before me)

Well Stephen says he doesn't need any more time.

Earlier he came home saying that he had a problem because four girls wanted to marry him and he didn't know who to marry first. Apparently he knows now.

The other funny thing he told me that I wanted to share was his little analogy on remembering things.

"It's like I have all these papers in my head and when I look at them and don't want to remember them or think about them, then I wad up the paper and throw it out."

We are raising a true philosopher here.
Well I really need to post pics of our wonderful Thanksgiving before Christmas gets here so stay tuned.

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

I have no pictures right now but I just wanted to wish everyone a great Thanksgiving. I have so much to be greatful for. My kids, my husband, my family, my husbands family and all the great friends I have met along the way. It is hard being away from family, exspecially during the holidays but we are lucky enough to have my sister and her family coming to join us for Thanksgiving. I am so excited and grateful they could come and just wanted to express it.

One last thing I am extremely grateful for....The semester is almost over!!!!

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Totally Hilarious

I found this hilarious and wanted to share it with you all. So on Monday I decided to rake some leaves while waiting for the bus to drop Stephen off and Jack wanted to help. We were near the end of taking care of our leaf piles when Jack wanted me to bury him in one to scare Stephen when he got off the bus. (All his idea) So I buried him in the pile and we continued to wait for the bus. Well the bus came and I walked with Stephen over to the leaf pile and stopped, pretending to look at his art work while trying to give Jack the chance to scare him. Well Jack never popped up so I nudged the pile and still nothing. I started to get worried that maybe he was being suffocated so I hurried and unburied him to find him ASLEEP! I laughed so hard! And telling it over just makes me laugh more!

Sunday, November 8, 2009

The Dreaded Swine Flu

So Matt and Jack have been sick all weekend and today we did research on the Swine Flu. They have every symptom...and I am starting to not feel so good. Stephen on the other hand could not feel better. He has been bouncing around the house entertaining us all as we lie helplessly on the couch. We think somehow he stole all of our energy and consumed it. So off to the doctor tomorrow.

Saturday, November 7, 2009

Halloween Weekend


I'm running just a little behind...but those who frequent my site know that this is nothing unusual. We had a great Halloween with a lot of fun activities. Jack had a Halloween parade at his school and Stephen had a harvest party at his school. I went in to help at Stephen's school for the day and he was sooooo excited about it. He wanted to introduce me to everyone and then come and eat lunch with him. Thanks to a friend of mine I get to go into Stephen's school every other Tuesday, while she watches Jack for me. I have to take advantage of it now because soon it will be embarrassing for him to have me around.

After the school activities we had the ward Trunk or Treat and dinner which the kids loved. Jack for dinner had a huge (costco) cupcake that was the size of his head and then we found him at the cupcake walk eating ANOTHER CUPCAKE!! That wasn't the end either, the next stop was the cookie decorating station. He has the eating thing down. Now we just have to work on healthy eating. The next night was Halloween and the kids got loaded-up with candy. I have learned that candy must be stored up high or else when I am not looking they both won't stop eating it. Stephen had so much candy on Halloween night (because I wasn't paying attention) he got a stomachache. It was a fun Halloween. Unfortunately, ever since all the Halloween excitement we have been down sick with some kind of nasty bug.

Saturday, October 24, 2009

Pumpkin Patch

Even though it was suppose to rain we braved the weather and headed to the pumpkin patch. The boys loved the hayride, straw maze, the play areas and finding the best pumpkin. I really do love this time of year!

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Our weekend

This weekend was crazy busy but really fun. My weekend actually started Wednesday night when I found out that day that classes were not being held Thursday and Friday to allow the students to prepare for midterms. I had no midterms so I got to relax a little and it felt great.
On Friday our ward had a craft night and these are what I made. One is a countdown to Halloween and the other is a countdown to Christmas (I still have to put the numbers on my Christmas ones) They are just two blocks that flip around with numbers on all sides. I took my neighbor to the craft night with me and it was a lot of fun.

Saturday was Stephen's party and we decided to have a Halloween carnival in the backyard and hand out tickets when they won each game. They then turned in the tickets to get prizes and toys. Kind of like a Chuck E Cheese thing. I have always wanted to do this idea and got a little carried away. I recruited some young women to help me handle all the booths. When the kids were done I let them decorate their own cupcake and eat up.

This last little picture is of Jack holding our new addition to the family. Barry Reddington. He is a little gray kitty our neighbors gave us that we are recruiting to be a full time mouse hunter. Just in case the mice decide to come our way. We are being proactive. He is cute and fiesty and excretes a lot of smelly air. So he fits in well with all my boys.

Monday, October 12, 2009

Stephen's Birthday

This weekend was Stephen's long awaited birthday. He has been counting down for nearly two months. He was so excited when it finally turned October. The pictures pretty much explain what we did: Presents, cake and a school carnival. It worked out great that the carnival landed on Stephen's birthday. We told him the carnival was because his school wanted to celebrate his birthday also. He thought that was pretty neat. :) After the carnival I made him his favorite dinner, chicken enchiladas, and then attempted to do his scary birthday cake he wanted. Originally, he wanted a bloody guy to scare me, but we decided upon a skeleton cake. I tried to get all creative and make a full skeleton with arms, legs and everything. Matt, the pragmatist, said why don't you just draw a skeleton on a sheet cake? I defended my actions by explaining that this is what Stephen wanted and it would be cooler anyway. But then when Stephen saw it, he said I just wanted a skeleton painted onto a cake! Matt had a good laugh and I wanted to cry!

In the whip cream eating contest, Jack was licking it daintily so Matt made sure he got it all by shoving his face into it. Jack was shocked to get whip cream all over his face and then giggled about it the rest of the day.

On Sunday we went to church, the primary went well but I left room for improvement :) Matt also got a new calling, he is now in the Elders Quorum presidency. We both ended up with the exact same callings in this ward as our last ward. He is excited and I'm sure he will do great. After church we headed over to some friends house for some yummy homemade pizza and cookies! This ward has been so great and there are so many fun people in it. It helps make up for the family that we don't have around. (which can come visit anytime!)