Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Slacking off again..

So School has been going on for the past week and I have been a little stressed trying to figure out my schedule. The kids also have not started school yet so I have been having to find babysitters and it is a little stressful!! I am hoping that as the semester goes on it will get easier.
On the bright side I really do appreciate my kids more when I leave them for a few hours a day. (I feel a little guilty for leaving them. I just keep telling myself that what I am doing is important).
We have been really liking Richmond and our ward here is awesome. I have found a running buddy and so I am very excited. I am doing a little of P90X also and that is a very good workout!! My friend loaned the DVD's to me and I might have to go buy my own. Well hope everyone is doing well I will posts pics hopefully soon!

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Just Our Luck...

So I was looking forward to posting a picture of me standing seductively in front of our new car but unfortunately I never got the chance. Yesterday Matt, I and the kids were driving home in the right lane when a guy in the left lane decided he wanted to make a right turn at the intersection from his lane. Well he had to cut across our lane to do it and we didn't have enough time to brake and ran into the rear passenger side of his car. Luckily everyone had their seatbelts on and the kids were fine. Although Stephen and Jack were almost in tears because they didn't want our new red car to have a dent like our white car does. They think dents are ugly apparently. I reassured them the car would be fixed back to normal and they calmed down. Both cars had to be towed but we had some awesome friends that came and picked us up to take us home. They have been so amazingly helpful since we have moved here. I managed to get a picture of the part of the car after the crash. I have to foolishly admit though that when taking the photo I was thinking of using it more for blog purposes instead of insurance purposes...Matt laughed at me for that one.

In case your curious the other person's insurance should cover everything.

Sunday, August 9, 2009

We are way excited about our new place!!

Today while the boys were still dressed for church we decided to take a few pics in front of our new place.

A couple of weekends ago we ventured out on a hike in Pocahontas State Park with the boys and they absolutely loved it. There were a ton of frogs along the trail and at one point there were 4 frogs in Stephen's hands.
As we were walking we heard this conversation between the boys...
Stephen: Hey Jack I dare you to kiss this frog
Jack: Okay
Stephen: Good job . . . now I dare you to lick it!
Mom and Dad: NO NO NO!!
We brought along their swimsuits so they could play in the waterfall and they really enjoyed it. We all did until we came home and found that we were covered in ticks. We counted over ten ticks on each of the boys including Daddy. I managed to only have two somehow...ugh I hate ticks

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Follow up on "The Great Fall From the Bleachers"

So as mentioned in the last post Jack fell from the bleachers onto concrete while watching Stephen's baseball game. I was back and forth on if I should take him to the emergency room and opted not to because he seemed completely fine and I didn't have a car. So anyway after Matt came back and we packed up our house and then drove to stay a couple of weeks with my sister we realized Jack would cradle his arm whenever he would run and was really favoring it...
So a week after the incident I finally got him to the emergency room in Cleveland and turns out he broke his collar bone. They couldn't find the break with the x-rays but there was a definate bump and the way he was favoring it they were sure it was broke. I felt incredibly sick to my stomach when they were asking Jack if he felt safe at home!! Not my proudest parenting moment!

The funny part of this whole story is they were going to send me home without a brace or anything since they could not find the actual break in the x-rays. Well we were about set to leave and then Jack needed to use the restroom. While I was taking him to the restroom my sister was talking to the doctor and mentioned that my husband is a lawyer and we were in the process of moving. Well when I came out of the bathroom they ended up strapping a brace on him and telling me he needed to wear it for six weeks....hmmmm.
I really want to post pics of his brace I just have to unpack the cord from the camera...

Monday, August 3, 2009

I am Back!!!

I am just so excited to post!! I finally have internet after a month and a half and I have missed it!! We are in our new house and I am completely loving it. I will post pics soon!!